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COINALYTICS will be a comprehensive real-time analytics application for Bitcoin.
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Data Aggregation

Access all relevant data in a pre-consolidated form (e.g. news, social media, etc.).


Customizable instant notifications on relevant events.

Digest E-mails

Set time frame and sources for custom digest e-mails.

Real-time Analytics

Explore the drivers of the Bitcoin value and analyze how they affect your investments.

Tunable Prediction Algorithm

Select sources and set weights for the different drivers.

Algorithm Verification

Verify your customized prediction algorithms with past data.


Get data to drive your own analysis.


Where do you look for Bitcoin news?

What tools do you use to get notified on Bitcoin news?

What is your main motivation to follow news on Bitcoin?

Where do you check the Bitcoin value?

Name or URL of your favourite Bitcoin service/site.
How often do you check the Bitcoin value?

In your opinion, what is the biggest driver of the Bitcoin value?

How would you describe your Bitcoin behavior?

How often do you perform Bitcoin transactions?

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